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Konzert von Valentina Carubia um 17:00-18:00 im

Valentina Carubia, known as VXVALENTINE is a singer/songwriter from Innsbruck. Storytelling with a pinch of Soul, Lo-Fi & Hip Hop. That’s her style.
Her main drive for songwriting and storytelling comes from a continously imposed change of countries and cultures during her youth, giving her strength in times of feeling out of place. These days she's exploring new sounds in different languages to perfect her craft.


Foto: Damian Holod


Konzert von The Belgian Blue ab 18:00-19:00 im

The Belgian Blue is an Indie-folk project based in Vienna, Austria. Combining traditional American and Irish folk instrumentation with precise lyricism and warm melodies, the band creates a sound which is both contemporary and refreshingly familiar.  After gaining recognition through their spirited busking performances on the streets of Vienna, the duo is quickly becoming one of the city's most-anticipated new bands with plans to release their debut E.P. in 2023.

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